Purchasing Your First Car

Used Truck Sales: 4 Features Ideal For Ice Fishing

Going ice fishing is a great way to get through the winter months and enjoy a hobby that you love. Unlike regular fishing, ice fishing requires a lot more equipment and different items to get on the ice. To have the best experience possible, it’s important to have a vehicle that can handle the transportation […]

Tips For Securing A Lower APR On Your Next Used Vehicle

According to How Stuff Works, depending on their credit score, the average American can expect to pay an APR (annual percentage rate) of anywhere between 6 percent and 18 percent on their auto loan. If you’re shopping around forcertified pre-owned cars, chances are one of your biggest goals is to find a loan that features […]

2 Steps You Should Always Take When Purchasing A Used Vehicle

Buying a used car is a great way to obtain a vehicle for an affordable price, but there are several things you should do before you start shopping. If you want to make sure you choose a car that will be reliable and last a long time, you should complete the following two steps before […]

Shopping For A Used Car For Your Teen? 3 Safety Features To Look For

Your teenager has passed their driving test and been awarded a license from your state, and you’ve decided to help them out by purchasing their first set of wheels. For many families, the logical thing to do is to buy a used car for the new driver. Used cars are not only less expensive to […]

Five Ways To Get The Best Trade-In Price For Your Old SUV When You Buy A New One

Thousands of Americans buy a new sports utility vehicle (or SUV) every year. While some buyers will buy their new SUV outright, some people prefer to trade in an older vehicle as part of the transaction. A trade-in can help you cut the amount of cash you need to come up with, but it’s important […]