Helpful Features To Have On A Motor Scooter

Owning a motor scooter can give you a fun, economical, and easy way to get around your area. Whether you plan to use this two-wheeled vehicle for your daily commute or to enjoy weekend rides, you'll want to buy the right model for you. While you might start by shopping for a motor scooter that has a design that suits your sense of style, it's important to also think about what features the vehicle offers. These features can vary a lot between models, but it's generally handy to look for a motor scooter that can offer you these three things.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Most four-wheel vehicles today are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), but you may not be aware that this feature is also available in many motor scooters. This is a handy feature for any scooter owner to look for, particularly those who are buying their first scooter. As you've likely experienced if you have ABS in your regular vehicle, the feature helps you to avoid skidding while braking in slippery conditions. Few things can cause more panic than going into a skid on a scooter, so knowing that you have ABS at times that you have to brake on wet pavement can provide peace of mind and safety.

Traction Control

Just like many cars and trucks, it's also possible to buy motor scooters that have traction control. This is a system that is designed to prevent your scooter from skidding. For example, if you go around a corner too quickly — especially if the pavement is wet and doesn't have as much traction as you expect — it's possible for the vehicle's back wheel to slide out. When the scooter has traction control, sensors will pick up on the start of the skid and make rapid adjustments to both wheels to keep you in control.

Idle Stop-Start

It's also ideal to look for a scooter that is equipped with an idle stop-start system. This feature will shut the engine off when you're stopped. Most commonly, you'll notice this feature when you're at a red light. Rather than idle for the entirety of the time you're stopped, burning fuel the whole time, the system will cut off the engine. As soon as you release the brakes, the engine will fire up again and you'll be able to get underway. This feature is useful for preventing you from burning gas excessively and worsening your fuel mileage.

For more information, reach out to a motor scooter dealer.