Used Truck Sales: 4 Features Ideal For Ice Fishing

Going ice fishing is a great way to get through the winter months and enjoy a hobby that you love. Unlike regular fishing, ice fishing requires a lot more equipment and different items to get on the ice. To have the best experience possible, it's important to have a vehicle that can handle the transportation needs for fishing. Shopping for a used truck can not only save you money, but the truck can come with a number of features that work specifically for your ice fishing needs. By knowing about these features, you can shop more easily for the truck and find the perfect ride to get through the winter season.

Tailgate Features

The back of a truck is ideal for all types of ice fishing equipment and bait. It's not just about throwing the items in the back of the truck, but having easy access through a number of different features. For example, a number of used trucks may come with built-in ramps for the tailgate. This makes it easy to load and unload specific ice fishing gear like ice augers, sleds, and large tip-ups. Along with a ramp, many trucks may include a tailgate step. These automated steps are built into the back bumper of a truck like a Ford F-150. When a button is pressed, the tailgate automatically slides out and creates an easy step platform for you to climb into the back. When dealing with snowy and icy conditions, these tailgate steps can make it safe to climb in the back of the truck and retrieve gear. It also makes it easy to put gear back into the truck when the ice fishing trip is over.

Truck Bed Storage

Some ice fishing items you do not want to leave in the open in the back of your truck. If this is the case, then you can have some extra space by purchasing a truck with extra cargo storage. For example, if you use a bucket of live shiners to go ice fishing with, you can keep the shiners in the cargo hull. This prevents them from getting exposed to temperatures that are too cold for the fish to survive. The cargo storage is also ideal for keeping fishing tools and hooks out of weather elements that may cause them to rust or wear down.

Split-View Parking Cameras

Finding the perfect ice fishing spot is not typically accompanied by a luxurious parking lot. Boat launches, side trails, and random spots off the side of the road are all different areas where you may need to park your truck. To make this process go smoothly and as easily as possible, it's good to shop for a truck that features split-view parking cameras. By using the cameras, you can see the surroundings, keep the truck parked straight, and avoid random obstacles like trees, brush, or other vehicles. Built-in sensors can beep if you're close to a collision, and you can find the ideal parking spot at any ice fishing location.

Hill Descent Control

Not only is it a challenge to park at ice fishing locations, but dirt road and trail conditions can be extremely hard to drive on. This is why many trucks feature hill descent control. This type of control uses antilock brakes to help keep the truck going smoothly when it is driving down hills. This will help you get close to the ice without actually getting your vehicle onto the icy conditions. When you are going downhill, you can easily activate this feature so that it makes it easy to control. You will not be prevented from fishing or accessing your favorite spots.

While shopping, look for trucks that feature one or more of these elements. This can make it easier to enjoy all of your ice fishing trips.