Tips For Buying Your Teen A Used Car

After your teen has passed his or her driver's license test, he or she will likely start the push for his or her own car. Although buying your teen a new car is an option, many parents choose to buy used cars to save money. If you are thinking of buying your teen a car, here are some tips you can use to make a wise decision. 

Consider Buying a Big Car

Even if your teen prefers a smaller car, such as a sports car, a bigger car might be a safer choice. Midsize vehicles, such as a sedan, tend to be safer because they are generally aimed at families. You also have the added benefit of the car having more mass, which can translate to more protection if your teen is involved in an accident.  

It is important to note that buying a minivan or sports utility vehicle is not the best option for teens. With more room available in your teen's vehicle, he or she might be tempted to pack out the vehicle with friends. The more kids that are in the car with your teen, the more distracted he or she will be while driving.  

You can go a step further and look for a car with a small engine. A car loaded with a four-cylinder engine is far more challenging to speed in than a car with a six- or eight-cylinder engine.  

Load Up on Safety Features

New vehicles tend to have more safety features, but you can still find many of the best features in a used car. For instance, an older car likely has airbags, anti-lock brakes, and an electronic stability control system. In addition to these features, you should also look for tire-pressure monitoring, traction control, and adaptive cruise control. 

If the car you are considering does not have these features, you can have them added. However, the cost of the additions can be in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. But, it is important to note that the addition of the safety features could potentially result in a reduction in your auto insurance rates.  

Before shopping, make a list of safety features your teen's car must have, and you can narrow down your choices according to the list.  

Buying a used car for your teenager can take time as you search for the perfect one. Work with a dealer you trust to get help in narrowing your selections.