Three Things To Check Online Before You Narrow Down Your Choice Of Vehicle

When it's time to buy a pre-owned car, you might have a general idea of what you want to get. Perhaps you've seen TV commercials that make a particular make and model of vehicle look enticing, or maybe a family member, friend, or co-worker has shared rave reviews about his or her choice of vehicle. Before you visit the dealership, it's worthwhile to do a little research on your own. The salesperson you eventually speak to will be able to answer any questions you may have, but your own research will truly prepare you for the shopping process. Here are three things to look at online.

Authoritative Reviews

Take some time to read what the industry's leading automotive journalists are saying about the make and model of car that you're considering. There are a number of automotive sites that review all types of cars, so running an online search with the make and model of your chosen vehicle and the word "review" will yield plenty of results. Authoritative reviews will provide a write-up about the vehicle, often after a test drive, as well as a bulleted list of pros and cons that are important to understand.

Video Features

If you search for the make and model of your chosen vehicle on video sites such as YouTube, you should be able to find a considerable amount of authoritative content. Many leading automotive publications have YouTube channels, so you may be able to find a video review of the vehicle. Edited professionally and featuring lots of valuable information for you to learn, such reviews will show the journalist driving the vehicle, talking about it, and pointing out its various features. For many shoppers, seeing this type of review can make the car come to light more than just reading about it.

Social Media Comments

Visit a social media site that you enjoy and search for the make and model of the vehicle. While you're apt to see posts from the manufacturer, different dealers, and review sites, you'll also be able to view posts made by people who own the vehicle. As you browse these comments, you'll get a sense about owning the vehicle and hear what people think. For example, a person may post how he or she is happy to have upgraded to the hatchback version, as it's roomier and handy for loading a stroller into the back of the vehicle. The more information of this nature that you gather, the more you'll be informed when it's time to visit the dealership.

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