Times That You’ll Need A Heavy Duty Truck

When you show up at a local dealership to begin shopping for a new pickup truck, you can expect to see models in many different sizes. Most pickup truck manufacturers build trucks to suit all sorts of uses. While some people like smaller trucks that they can use for a variety of simple, everyday applications, there are those who immediately gravitate toward heavy-duty trucks based on several factors. Heavy-duty trucks are larger and have impressive performance specs, making them a good choice for lots of people. Here are some times that you'll need a heavy-duty pickup truck.

Large Trailers

Smaller pickup trucks are typically capable of pulling small trailers, but you'll need to use a heavy-duty truck if you intend to pull large trailers on a regular basis. If you have one of the largest travel trailers on the market, for example, you'll likely need a heavy-duty truck to pull it. Similarly, if you have a large boat that you often pull on a trailer, a heavy-duty pickup will be your best bet. These vehicles have significantly more horsepower than their smaller counterparts, allowing you to pull heavy weights safely and easily.

Heavy Loads

It's important to also think about the loads that you'll be hauling in the bed of your pickup truck. Any pickup truck is capable of carrying lighter things, but if you know you'll often be dealing with heavy loads, you'll want a heavy-duty model. Contractors often rely on these vehicles to carry supplies for their jobs. For example, if you're a landscaper who often needs to carry dozens of heavy landscaping stones to various work sites around your community, a heavy-duty pickup truck will be best for this work.


One trait that you'll notice when you look at heavy-duty trucks is that many of them are lifted so that their bodies are higher off the ground than other truck types. This height is an asset if you expect to use your truck in off-road areas. Lower trucks are at risk of damage when you drive them on uneven terrain, but a heavy-duty truck's body will remain high above the ground and thus not at risk of scraping and sustaining damage. To learn more about pickup truck classes, including those in the heavy-duty category, visit a local pickup truck dealership or browse its website.

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